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Geoinformation systems

The Geo Information Systems project group designs and develops object-oriented data models and data exchange standards in the CAD and GIS areas. Specification is achieved by means of UML and XML methods and tools. Tools for conversion and visualization are developed in connection with standardization.

These are the main areas of activity:

  • Geodata and CAD standards (ALKIS, GML, CityGML, XPlanung, IFC),
  • E-Government applications,
  • OGC web services (WMS, WFS),
  • Visualization of two-dimensional spatially related data by SVG,
  • Visualization of three-dimensional spatially related data,
  • Geometric and semantic testing of spatially related data,
  • Combination of CAAD and GIS technologies,
  • Interoperability, interface technology,
  • Object-oriented modeling by UML and XML,
  • Urban planning.

Activities are embedded in these two standardization projects:




 XPlanung: Standardised data model for urban plans 
 CityGML: Standardised data model for virtual 3D city models